Sherman County Area Watershed Council
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Sherman County Area Watershed Council ® PO Box 405, 302 Scott Street, Moro, OR 97039  Phone: (541) 565-3216 ext 106
Sherman County Area Watershed Council Mission Statement

The Sherman County Area Watershed Council strives to promote and protect the natural resources of not only Sherman County, but also all the areas included in our watershed drainages by including a broad and diverse representation of geographic and natural resource interests in the watershed and to work collaboratively with people, businesses, and communities to develop and carry out voluntary on the ground watershed restoration activities. This board of directors believes that cooperation between State of Oregon and Federal agencies, public interest groups, and land owners / operators is of the utmost importance in achieving the goals of the council. We will continue to work for not only better soil and water conservation practices, but also for a better understanding between all parties concerned with the protection of our natural resources.  

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Fencing and Rangeland Restoration Large Grant
The Sherman County Area Watershed Council is interested in applying for a large grant through the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) this fall to provide cost share on riparian and upland cross fencing, along with rangeland restoration. Potential rangeland restoration practices include range seeding, annual grass control, spring developments, and other practices improving range health. Landowners will have 4 years to complete projects and cost share is 75% without a project cap. In addition to addressing resource concerns in riparian and rangeland areas, our hope is that this grant will allow landowners to fence off riparian buffers under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) and utilize existing pastures outside of CREP buffers. Upland cross fencing will allow for increased rotational grazing management to improve rangeland and livestock health in Sherman County, along with other rangeland practices. If interested please contact Jacob Powell with the Watershed Council by September 15th at (541) 565-3216 so we can complete required site visits and start getting an application together. 
Moro, OR
Background of the Watershed

In 2008 the various watershed councils of Sherman County consolidated to make one watershed council, the Sherman County Area Watershed Council. Existing watershed councils that combined to form this council are, North Sherman County Watershed Council, Grass Valley Canyon Watershed Council, South Sherman County Watershed Council, and Pine Hollow/Jackknife Watershed Council. The new Sherman County Area Watershed Council will serve as an “umbrella council” to help address watershed management issues in the existing Sherman County watersheds and will be the leading organization for habitat protection and watershed restoration.

Watershed Council Goals

The Council will work to reduce soil erosion and flood damage and to improve water quality in the area’s streams. The Council will further work to improve upland range condition for the benefit of both wildlife and livestock. 

Short-term Goals
  • Identify and address key resource concerns within the watershed
  • Monitor and evaluate watershed conditions
  • Coordinate activities with government agencies and other organizations
  • Track watershed projects and activities and report progress to the Council, landowners, other stakeholders, and public
  • Promote public awareness about watershed science and key resource issues

Long-term Goals
  • Improve spawning and rearing habitat for steelhead and native fish
  • Where technically feasible, alter the hydrologic curve of the watershed to discourage catastrophic flooding and the damage which it can cause
  • Reduce soil erosion throughout the watershed
  • Mitigate the effect of human activities and farming on water quality in the Columbia River, Deschutes River, John Day River and their tributaries
  • Encourage experimentation with new weed control and reduced tillage techniques
  • Improve range quality for domestic livestock and upland wildlife
  • Reduce acreage left bare of stubble during winter and early spring
  • Ensure economic viability of farms and ranches
  • Monitor effects of actions and provide information on similar efforts
Next Council Meeting:

September 9th @ 8:00 am 
Sherman County 
SWCD office 
302 Scott Street
Moro 97039

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