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Sherman County Area Watershed Council
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Sherman County Area Watershed Council Board Members & Staff
Sherman County Area Watershed Council Staff

Amanda Whitman - Watershed Coordinator

Board Member and Affiliation

Josh Macnab                    Chair/Director                 North Sherman WS 

Keegan Kock                    Vice Chair/Director          Grass Valley Canyon WS 

Jesse Stutzman                Supervisor/Director         Sherman County SWCD

Joe Bibby                        Director                          Pinehollow/Jackknife WS

Gary Irzyk                       Director                         Grass Valley Canyon WS

Charlie Miller                   Director                         At - Large  

Vacant                            Director                         At - Large  

Thad Eakin                      Director                         Sherman SWCD/South                                                                           Sherman WS 

Colton McCullough            Director                         North Sherman WS 

Pat Bird                           Director                         Grass Valley Canyon WS 

Clint Moore                      Director                         Grass Valley Canyon WS 

Sherman County Area Watersheds