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Sherman County Watershed Council
 Call us at: 541-565-3216 X 109
Sherman County Watershed Council Board Members and Staff
Sherman County Area Watershed Council Staff

Amanda Whitman - Watershed Coordinator

Board Member and Affiliation

Brad Eakin                       Chair/Director                 South Sherman WS 

Pat Bird                            Vice Chair/Director          North Sherman WS 

Marvin Thompson              Supervisor/Director         Grass Valley Canyon WS

Austin Justesen                 Director                          Pinehollow/Jackknife WS

Gary Irzyk                        Director                          Sherman County SWCD

Dee Ann Akita-Ramos        Director                          At - Large  

Tom Peterson                    Director                          At - Large  

Josh Macnab                      Director                         North Sherman WS 

Colton McCullough             Director                         North Sherman WS 

Keegan Kock                     Director                         Grass Valley Canyon WS 

Thad Eakin                        Director                         South Sherman WS 

Clint Moore                       Director                         North Sherman WS 

Sherman County Watersheds