Sherman County Area Watershed Council
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Cropland projects and resources 
Name of Service
Types of Projects: 
Terrace and WASCB reshape
Terrace and WASCB construction
Haul road improvement
Conversion to direct seed/conservation tillage
Cover cropping 
Field border planting 
Alternative crop rotation
And more! 
 Highlighted funded projects 
Lower Grass Valley Canyon Upland Restoration 2018

Project cost: $173,450
Number of producers: 6 

Outcomes: This project includes upland restoration projects on cropland and rangeland. The cropland projects focused on preventing soil erosion through reshaping terraces and water and sediment control basins (WASCB). This project is still ongoing. So far, producers have reshaped 20 WASCBs and 10, 158 feet of terrace. 

​Direct Seed Assistance 2013

Project cost: $99,233
Number of producers: 8 

Outcomes: This project helped 8 producers convert to direct seeding operations on 3,989 acres in a wheat-fallow rotation. Direct seeding helps producers reduce soil erosion by reducing tillage and disturbance. This improves the long-term soil health and reduces sediment input into streams. While a few producers had challenges in working with new equipment, working in standing stubble, and adjusting fertilizer rates, all landowners have continued with direct seeding and are happy with the crop production and reduction in soil erosion. Direct seeding has also saved money and time for producers by taking out tilling and hence the fuel, time, and wear on the equipment used by tilling. 

tilled wheat field