Sherman County Area Watershed Council
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Education and Outreach 
Annual Education and Outreach Events
Oak Springs Hatchery Field Trip
Salmon Hatching in Classroom 
Cottonwood Canyon Field Trip 
Sherman County Crop Hop 
Contact us if you want to collaborate on any educational opportunities for any age group! 

Highlighted Outreach Events
STEP- Salmon and Trout Education Program

STEP is run every year through the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to teach students about salmon and trout life cycles and conservation. The 5th grade class takes a trip to the Oak Spring Hatchery where they learn about life cycles and help with egg collection. They bring back eggs for a 1st or 2nd grade class to hatch in their classroom. The class gets to monitor the fish growth, the water quality in the tank, and learn about fish life cycles. They release the hatched fry into a local pond. 
Cottonwood Canyon Field Trip

The Cottonwood Canyon Field Trip takes place at the end of May at Cottonwood Canyon State Park on the John Day River. Half of the classes at Sherman Elementary go on the field trip. The students learn about local wildlife from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, fire fighting from Bureau of Land Management, outdoor cooking for Oregon State University Extension, and water quality from the Soil and Water Conservation District. It is a fun day to learn outside and celebrate the start of summer.